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Abstract - Modern - Art Challenged and Reformed

Fallacy: Form Follow Function

By training I am a Civil Engineer. Taught that functionality is key and beauty is derived there from. A graduate of the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada  and Columbia University of New York, USA in Engineering I have had the privilege of sharing space with truly gifted people. These Engineering and Architecture students are taught Form Follows Function. This phrase originates from an American sculptor named Horatio Greenough, but it was American architect Louis Sullivan who coined the term and made it famous. Sullivan stated:


"It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic,

Of all things physical and metaphysical,

Of all things human and all things super-human,

Of all true manifestations of the head,

Of the heart, of the soul,

That the life is recognizable in its expression,

That form ever follows function. This is the law."


Louis Sullivan is credited with coining the phrase "form follows function," which would become the flag under which modernist architects defended their movement. This doctrine, which placed the demands of practical use above aesthetics, would later be taken by influential designers to imply that decorative elements, which architect call "ornament," were unnecessary in modern buildings. I challenge the very essence of this theory.

Moselhi Ideology: Form Breeds Function


Function is derived from Form. Form breeds Function.

Form exists not without senses.

Color, texture, dimensionality create stimulus to the onlooker.

Color induces psychological involuntary subconscious reactions.

Texture may draw you in or make you feel separated from form.

Dimensionality may encompass you or may make you feel insignificant in its presence.


The theory that form follows function trivializes the relationship between the living organism and objects created for their use. All objects: Buildings, benches, paintings- effect those that interact with them. To say that the function of an object should dictate is form is to say that all users in all places at all times should need to experience the same. If users are breathing feeling organisms then too should be the objects they use. To sterilize the world and reduce it to mere function is to strip a people of the subconscious tantalization caused by form. It is to numb them into submission. It is to strip them of conflict and of discussion. It is to say: feel not, think not. Form follows function is a doctrine that leads to robotic societies. It creates function in a vacuum of emotion and empathy. It is to strip humanity of its very soul.

A building need not only be an enclosed space. It may be a sanitary. It may be an enigma. It may evoke aggression, peace, sadness, balance, and more. It may function superficially as an enclosed space but resonate deeply with onlookers via its form there by creating a more meaningful abstract modern function. The true modern ideology needs to change. Let us now realize that an objects' obvious function is very elementary.

A chair is not a chair but rather a three dimensional expression of form that you chose to sit on. Let us use form born organically and naturally to derive and give birth to its true functionality.

For all the pessimists out there, a basic function will be served as it has been for decades.  In simplicity (organic form) lies a beauty and in that beauty lies residual functionality that is a prized jewel available to all those with an open heart and soul.

My art is form generated in the Constructivists sense of derivation. It is form created to induce a function. My art is not meant to fill space in a gallery or on a wall in a home. It is meant to create space in a gallery or a home. My art gives license to your mind and spirit to roam freely dancing in a metaphysical sense with my form to create a new reality therein ergo function. 

I am moved and inspired by Constructivism which is an artistic and architectural movement originating in Russia in 1919. This movement rejects the idea of "art for art's sake". As in my ideology, Constructivism favors "art as a practice directed towards social purposes".  I have shared my form - paintings with many different types of people, who have become partners with me via my art.


Different levels of enlightenment.

Different levels of knowledge of art history and theology.

Different needs and emotional development.

Different life struggles, milestones, victories.

Different cultures.

Different financial realities.


I have learned from all of my partners that humanity is one- partner with me and my art and see the possibilities. I can not control the space around you at large. I can provide you a small glimpse in to the power of Form Breeds Function through my Abstract - Modern - Contemporary - paintings.


Beauty of Abstract - Modern Art


The beauty and power of Abstract Modern Art is that it may transcend the two dimensional plane into three dimensionality. You need not only experience form from paintings you may in fact live it.  Visit our link Interior Architecture to learn more about how you too may join in a New Modern Abstract Reality. Where you may commission a piece and then have a space form derived from the paintings essence.