Art is color infused by spirit. It is texture pulled and pushed by meaning and it is the raw emotion of the artist transcending one being and appreciated by another. Art does not exist in a vacuum. Art creates an everlasting connection between the artist and the onlooker. My art is only as precious as its ability to move you.


I do not have an ego centric artistic ideology. I believe that although art is a form of self expression, it is powerful only when used to communicate, shape, move and transform others. To accomplish this abstract modern art needs to be meaningful to its owner it must resonate with the owner and onlooker. I believe that although many may appreciate a piece the owner must have an organic and pure connection to it. The owner must grow and change with the piece, interacting with it metaphysically and emotionally. Only then will a piece have eternal meaning and value to whom ever possesses it.


My pieces are either commissioned specifically for a person or are products of emotional fluxes I experience. My art is derived from a place of real vulnerability and honesty. The art is born from form organically. Emotion is drawn out of the form through my rendition of that which has appears as I paint.  I am not perfect and I share with those who understand me thought my art my personal story of growth- emotionally, politically, socially.